Unlock the power of Figma with FigWizard

I manually transform your Figma designs into auto-layout magic. No plugins involved. Simplify your design process and save time by working with well-built components and modules in your projects.

Avoid the mess!

Working in Figma with multiple designers can be messy when everyone is doing their own thing and not really storing components the proper way.

No more chaos

Say good bye to components that break when you update their content.

Yes to auto-layout

Say hi to perfectly built components that respond to content and layout.

Transform your designs into responsive auto-layout components

No time to prep your designs and make them auto-layout-perfect? I’ve got you covered! Send me your Figma designs and I will create functional and easy to use components for you and your team.

Pricing plan

Choose the plan that suits your needs and budget

Basic plan
Unlimited requests
3 components per request
Average 48 hours delivery
Pause or cancel anytime
Business plan
Unlimited requests
8 components per request
Average 48 hours delivery
Pause or cancel anytime


Things that aren't unusual for people to ask

Can I book a call with you?

FigWizard is a call-free company, and that's for everyone's sake. Once you subscribe, you will be added to a Trello board. It's there where you can add your requests, providing as much information about the component you find useful. You will also be notified when they have been completed.

Who will create the components for me? An AI?

No! FigWizard is a one-person business, and there is no involvement of AI. Each component is created solely by the me, the FigWizard creator.

What are the benefits of using auto-layout and components?

Auto-layout allows you to create designs that automatically adjust and resize based on content changes. It simplifies the process of arranging and aligning design elements, reducing the time and effort required to create and maintain consistent layouts.

Will you also create prototypes?

No. The service offered doesn't cover prototypes or interactive components. But what you receive from me will be ready for your team to create the links.

Can you customize auto-layout and components to match my brand's style?

Absolutely! While I won't make design decisions for you, I can tailor auto-layout frames and components to align with your brand's unique style, ensuring that your designs are on-brand and visually cohesive.

Can FigWizard create components if I just send you a text description?

For sure! However, your text description must be precise! It should include all the necessary details for your component, such as font size, spacing, color values, etc.

How does the collaboration process work with your service?

First you share your Figma project with me, whether by adding me to your organization or sending a copy of your .Figma file. I will create the component directly in Figma and notify you when it is done.

What is the turnaround time for your service?

Turnaround times may vary based on the complexity of your components. But I typically send them back to clients in less than 48 hours.

How do I get started?

To get started, choose your plan, follow the steps and be ready to send me the first set of components you want me to auto-layout.

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